Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After Her A/C Was Stolen

Two days after she reported her central air conditioning had been stolen, a 79-year old woman in Texas died from heat-related causes.

The woman’s air conditioning unit sat on the ground outside her house and was only protected by a cage with a lock on it. The most recent theft was at least the third time robbers were after her a/c.

Her neighbor said the area was frequently targeted by air conditioning thieves and the units frequently end up at nearby pawnshops. “You don’t have to walk inside [pawnshops] to ask ’em if they have them,” he told CBS DFW. “You drive by it and they’re sitting right up front; central air conditioning units and regular window units.”

Perhaps there should be some kind of VIN for air conditioners as a way to cut down on the unauthorized resell market.

Air conditioners are also targeted for the copper inside, which can be easily resold for cash.

Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After A/C Stolen [CBS DFW]

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