Delta And US Airways Will Refund "Taxes" Collected During FAA Shutdown

Delta was the first airline to start giving out refunds for the extra money they’ve been scalping from passengers while the FAA remains shut down. After the airline made the announcement Monday, US Airways on Tuesday said they would follow suit.

Until its mandate is re-extended, the FAA has no authority to collect federal taxes, which are assessed on each passenger’s ticket. Most airlines opted to raise airfares the same amount as the tax amount, which is essentially a hidden fare increase.

Last week the IRS asked airlines to please give people refunds for the money and said that airlines can do so, just like when a refundable ticket is exchanged.

The refunds will apply to travelers who bought tickets on or before July 22 and flew between July 22 and whenever the FAA’s lights go back on.

Delta has not said when the refunds are going to start coming, but a spokesperson told USA Today that, “it should be relatively soon.” Yeah, when an airline tells you it should by any time now, it’s time to break out a thick book.

Delta to refund taxes for travel during shutdown [The Dallas Morning News] (Thanks to Michael!)
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