Ticketmaster Makes Deal With Walmart, Devil Confused As To Whose Soul To Collect First

Earlier today the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart, announced a deal with the nation’s least essential company, Ticketmaster, to sell overpriced tickets via in-store video screens at hundreds of Walmarts around the country.

“By integrating ticketing into Walmart stores, we are able to offer fans this very convenient way to learn about upcoming events, purchase and take home tickets without leaving their neighborhood,” said Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster about the unholy alliance between the two companies.

The ticket-vending displays will be popping up at various Walmarts in California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Florida.

Ticketmaster says it will be coming up with exclusive deals for tickets (no doubt promoted by its parent company Live Nation at Live Nation-owned venues) for Walmart shoppers.

Both companies are perennial entries in the Consumerist Worst Company In America tournament. Ticketmaster has made the competition’s Final Four for several years in a row, an made a good showing in the 2010 Finals before losing out on the Golden Poo to Comcast.

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