Prepare Your Home Before The Next Big Storm Hits

Whether your home has been hit before or has always escaped damage from storms, it’s a good idea to protect it either way, in case natural disaster should strike.

There are two ways to make a good start, says SmartMoney. First is to make sure your insurance policy covers windstorm damage and flooding, or any other effects from natural disasters common in your area.

Another smart idea is to make home improvements that will not only give your home a better chance of weathering the storm, but might also give you discounts on your insurance. In many states, installing things like wind-resistant windows and doors or special roofing to protect against hail will get your policy lowered. Check with your agent to see if any such discounts exist.

Even if your insurer doesn’t have a special rate for home-improvers, states like Virginia and Louisiana have hosted sales-tax holidays before storm season to cover back-up generators and storm shutters for their residents.

No matter what, make sure you do have a great insurance policy that will cover you in the event of a disaster.

Home Improvements To Save Your House From the Next Big Storm [Smart Money]

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