Woman Robs White Castle Via Drive Thru, Doesn't Steal Any Sliders

St. Louis has some odd class of (alleged) criminals! A woman there (allegedly) robbed a White Castle from the drive-thru window, but didn’t even take a Crave Case on her way out. Crazy!

Local CBS news KMOX cites police who say a woman drove up to the window at a White Castle in north St. Louis and passed cashiers a note demanding all the money in the register. Employees say they saw what they thought was a gun, so instead of handing over the cash, they locked themselves in a back room and called the cops.

Not to be deterred, the woman climbed partway into the restaurant through the drive-thru window (say that five times fast!) and pulled out the cash drawer and drove off. Again, without taking any sliders.

During her getaway, she dropped her weapon, which turned out to be a fake. Cops found her at her home, where the suspect then jumped three stories from her roof to the ground. She’s in the hospital and doing fine, except for facing robbery charges, of course.

Woman Robs Northside White Castle Through Drive-Up Window [KMOX]

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