Botox Now Approved To Keep Your Overactive Bladder Wrinkle-Free

Before it became a party favor passed around by the vanity-obsessed set, Botox was considered to have several non-cosmetic therapeutic purposes, many involving the treatment of muscle spasms. And today it was announced that the popular wrinkle-fighting drug has been approved for use by some people suffering from overactive bladder.

From Reuters:

The Food and Drug Administration said Botox can be injected into the bladder to treat those who lose bladder control because of damage to the nervous system, through conditions such as multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury…

Overactive bladder, caused by uncontrollable contractions of the bladder, causes frequent urination, urgent need to urinate and inability to control urination.

One shot of Botox into a patient’s bladder can result in nine months of higher bladder capacity and fewer spasms.

FDA approves Botox for loss of bladder control [Chicago Tribune]

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