Mother Of 10: Kroger Manager Refused To Take My Mountain Of Coupons

Here’s the latest dispatch from the front in the battle between the growing armies of extreme couponers and the beleaguered retailers who are beginning to fight back. An Atlanta-area mother of 10 children says a manager at her local Kroger just said no to taking her pile of clipped coupons.

The mom tells MyFoxAtlanta she was attempting to use her coupons at Kroger when the manager came out to give her the bad news.

“He walks up to me and his only words are I’m not taking those,” she recalls, saying that the manager called her a “habitual coupon user.”

The couponer says she has come to rely on coupons to make shopping for her large family affordable:”Everything I have I have a coupon for. I shop not without a coupon.”

Kroger didn’t comment to MyFoxAtlanta about this particular incident, but did point out that there are existing limits to the use of coupons:

[T]here is not a limit on the number of coupons per transaction, however Kroger does limit one coupon per item and reserves the right to limit quantities.

The Kroger rep encouraged customers who intend to go the extreme couponing route give the store a call in advance. But the Atlanta-area mom says “I’ve had that relationship with a lot of other stores but this one told me they do not do that. Their policy was not to do that.”

Shopper: Kroger Refuses to Take Coupons:

Shopper: Kroger Refuses to Take Coupons []

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