Facebook Adds Miramax Films To Stable Of Movie Streaming Rentals

Facebook is lining up deals with movie studios to put their films online for streaming rental, making agreements with Universal last week and Miramax this week. Using special apps for the services, you pay 30 Facebook credits — $3 per film — and have a 48-hour window to watch the movies.

Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction are among the films offered on Miramax’s Facebook page. Miramax says it will eventually sell the movies outright so they can be accessed via cloud service on “ALL devices.”

Universal has started by offering The Big Lebowski for rental, and Warner Bros. jump-started this trend back in March when it announced plans to test and slowly roll out a rental service via Facebook. Here’s the page to rent The Dark Knight.

Miramax Experience App on Facebook [Miramax Blog via Deadline]

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