It's Time To Nominate The Worst Ads In America For 2011!

Last year, we asked readers to nominate and vote in our first ever Worst Ad In America awards, and more than 100,000 of you responded, selecting Staples’ grating “Wow! That’s a low price!” shout-fest as the commercial that most got on your nerves. But while that abomination appears to have vanished into memory, plenty of new contenders for the crown have popped up.

So here’s where you tell us which TV ads have you hitting the mute button.

Last year, in addition to the Absolute Worst Ad category, we gave awards in five other fields
Most Grating Performance By A Human;
Most Annoying Animated Spokesthing;
Duo Or Group That Most Needs To Be Broken Up;
Celebrity Who Must Have Lost The Most Money In The Housing Crash;
Creepiest Commercial

But as this is only our second go at the Worst Ad awards, we’re open to suggestions on new categories or special awards, so feel free to mention any ideas you might have.

In terms of eligibility, the rules are pretty simple. The ad must have aired on U.S. TV stations (cable or broadcast) in the last 12 months. This means that some of last year’s nominees — or at least ad campaigns directly related to those nominees — are still eligible.

To nominate an ad, mention it in the comments below or send an e-mail to with WAIA2012 in the subject. You can nominate as many ads as you like.

All nominations must be posted or sent by 5 p.m. ET on Friday Sept. 2.

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