8 Simple Rules For Sitting Near Me In A Movie Theater

Ringing cell phones, incessant texting, screaming kids and chattering neighbors can all make moviegoing a harrowing experience. There’s an unwritten social contract that anyone in a theater should know to adhere to, but too many people seem unaware of its existence.

Leave it to IFC to finally set that contract in writing. A post that sets up eight rules for moviegoers should abide by also asks supporters to sign a petition in support of the message.

Rules include: No talking, cell phones must be turned off, keep babies out of R-rated movies, no stinking food in the theater, no sitting right in front of or right beside others when other seats are available, and no pretending to hold extra seats you don’t need. In a concession to the ill-mannered, the post also authorizes everyone to leave trash on the floor, ignoring signs that request you do otherwise.

Do you agree with these rules? What would you add?

A movie theater etiquette manifesto [IFC]

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