10.5% Of Spirit's Revenue Comes From Baggage Fees

Recently Delta caught attention because in 2010 it earned the most revenue from baggage fees, $952 million, of all the airlines. But when you compare it to their total revenue, they’re in the low-middle of the pack, with Spirit coming out on top. Let’s look at a chart!

The Boarding Area blog used Department of Transportation data for 2010 to place the baggage fees in context with how they stack up against the different airlines’ total revenue and produced this chart, which they graciously allowed Consumerist to use.


When you look at it that way, Delta doesn’t look as fee-happy as they might appear. No surprise, Spirit, which charges for all checked bags, takes the lead. It also doesn’t raise any eyebrows that Southwest, which allows the first two bags to be checked for free, is on the bottom.

Content is king, context is… kingier?

Putting Baggage Fees in Context [BoardingArea]

Delta’s $952 Million In Baggage Fees Is More Than United And Continental Combined

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