Domino's Brings Back Noid In Shoot-Em-Up Facebook Game

Domino’s has brought back it’s iconic 80’s character “The Noid” for a one-week appearance in an 8-bit promotional shoot-em-up Facebook game. Sadly, you lose points when you shoot the Noid.

In order to play the game, you have to “Like” Domino’s on Facebook, allowing them access to your profile information and letting them post on your wall. In the game you shoot various weapons at pizzas and try to avoid hitting “The Noid,” or any likenesses of him, even though he is throwing tomatoes at you that cost you points. In other words, “avoid The Noid.”

In an interesting marketing twist, the game is played in 60-second batches with everyone playing at once. Whoever scores the most points in their group wins a $10 gift certificate. In this way, Domino’s is able to boost its Facebook likes, get access to customer information to use for marketing purposes, and be able to both control and predict exactly how many coupons it will give out. There will be no free Denny’s Grand Slam disasters for these guys.

Domino’s [Facebook]

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