T-Mobile Considers Ditching "Unlimited" In Favor Of Charging Overage Fees

We recently asked readers if they thought that T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans are actually unlimited if they still begin throttling your download speed after a certain threshold. An overwhelming number of you said “no.” Now a newly leaked document shows that T-Mobile is looking to possibly ditch at least one unlimited-but-throttled plan to go with the limited-then-pay-overage-fees model.

From TmoNews, which broke the story:

T-Mobile notes that the 200MB feature has exceeded T-Mobile’s expectations so “in order to remain competitive” and continue to offer the rate plan it will be grandfathered as of August 13th. An overage charge of $0.10 per MB will be assessed upon exceeding the 200MB limit with a maximum overage charge of $30 allowed on the Classic Plans versus a maximum overage charge of $35 on Value plans. Customers will receive a warning when they hit 180MB along with a 200MB alerting them to change the data plan to a higher offering or incur overage charges.

So far, the change from throttling to overage fees would only impact the lowest tier data plan, but it doesn’t bode well for those who would rather have slower data speed than pay overage charges.

It will be interesting to see how many tweaks T-Mobile makes in its data plans in these months before a ruling is made on its purchase by AT&T.

T-Mobile Changing 200MB Data Plan Away From Throttling To Overage [TmoNews.com]

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