Bat Ejected For Refusing To Sit Down On Airplane

On Friday, a Delta pilot was forced to return to the airport when a bat began flying around the cabin 15 minutes after takeoff and ignored instructions from the crew and his fellow passengers.

“I woke up to a small scream and then I saw the bat fly over my head,” says ms010154, who captured the video. “It went up and down the aisle about four to five times before being trapped in the back lavatory.”

Because the stowaway bat did not have ticket and was disrupting the flight by refusing to take a seat, the pilot was forced to turn back and land the plane. After passengers disembarked, ground personnel searched the plane for the scofflaw and “maintenance crew members with a large net ushered it outside,” Brent McHenry, spokesperson for the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin, told MSNBC. We are not able to verify if the bat was wearing saggy pants.

Bat On A Plane [CNN iReport] (Thanks to Cory!)

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