Prepare To Pay More In Tolls While Driving In NY, NJ

Driving to New York from New Jersey could become more expensive, as proposed toll increases would raise the cost for using several bridges and tunnels — currently maxing out at $8 — up to $15 during peak hours in September, and as much as $17 in 2014.

Bloomberg reports the cost for cash-paying customers to enter Manhattan during peak hours will be $17 by 2014, while E-Z Pass users will pay $14. Areas affected include three bridges to Staten Island, as well as the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. Some more modest fee increases would go into effect in September. The tolls are only collected for travel into New York.

The Port Authority, which says it needs the extra money — as much as $1 billion a year beginning in 2014 — to fund the interstate transportation network, will vote on the proposal Aug. 19.

Hudson Tolls Would Rise $4 Under New York-New Jersey Port Authority’s Plan [Bloomberg]

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