Sirius Satellite Radio Won't Stop Calling Me, 2-3 Times A Day

Some people, and companies, just don’t take a hint. Sirius has been calling Matthew two and three times a day trying to get him to resubscribe. No matter how many times he tells them no, they still keep coming around, trying to win him back. Ok, that’s not so much a problem with taking a hint as serious stalker behavior.


Matthew writes:

I recently purchased a car that came with a free, 3 month trial of Sirius Satellite radio. After the trial ended I did not want to pay for/continue service, in part because this was a second car that I rarely used, and in part because other than a few news stations I really don’t listen to the radio anymore. I kindly let a woman know this when she called on the day my subscription expired, and even though she was persistent in trying to keep me as a customer (lowering the price of a year’s subscription by a few dollars every minute or so we were on the phone), I simply didn’t want the service

I always provide any business with my Magic Jack phone number, so that when they call I can easily ignore them and listen to any voicemails via email. Well, that first phone call was two weeks ago, and now my inbox is flooded with messages from Sirius asking me to renew my service (Their phone number is (866) 301-7344).

The screenshot I provided is only a fraction of the total phone calls I’ve received. I’m not talking once a week, I’m not even talking once a day. This has been going on Monday-Friday TWICE, sometimes three times a day.

I called Sirius the moment this happened and asked for the phone calls to please stop. Nearly two weeks and fourteen phone calls later with no end in sight, I’ve unplugged my Magic Jack and canceled my XM satellite service in my primary car. During the last 3 days, I’ve called and asked why and when the phone calls would stop. Every time I’m assured that I will be added to the “No call” list, and a “please do not disturb” notice will be added to my (now canceled) accounts.

Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this kind of harassment? Boy, am I glad I didn’t provide them with my house phone number.

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