Most Computers Now Use Something Other Than Windows XP

Windows XP, Microsoft’s ridiculously popular operating system, is about to turn 10 years old. While it’s still the most popular OS out there, as of the end of July it’s no longer installed on the majority of active systems.

According to TechSpot, XP’s market share has slipped to 49.94 percent, a chunky slice of Microsoft’s 87.66 percent ownership of the pie. Windows 7 (27.87 percent) and Windows Vista (9.24 percent) are the closest followers, with Macs making up 5.59 percent. Linux is installed on less than 1 percent of computers.

What’s your favorite OS, and what does it offer that the others don’t?

Windows XP usage finally falls below 50% mark [TechSpot via Slashdot]

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