TWC Tech Saves Boy From Drowning

Usually just getting a cable to tech to show up at the right time is worthy of a trophy, but last week a Time Warner Cable went above and beyond the call of duty and saved a 7-year old’s life.

The San Antonio Express News reports TWC technician Agustin Arreguin was going to his next job in a San Antonio-area apartment complex when he heard screams for help. He jumped over a gate and rushed into a backyard. There he saw the young boy lying on the ground, not breathing. The boy had been pulled out of the 5-foot deep pool where he had been found lying face down at the bottom.

Agustin quickly gave the boy CPR until he started breathing. Emergency responders arrived and took him to the hospital. The boy made a full recovery with no brain damage.

Later that week the technician was honored at an awards ceremony by Time Warner Cable, the county commissioner and the American Red Cross.

“It’s been quite a few days,” Arreguin said at the ceremony. “I can joke about being a hero, but seriously, I still feel like I’m just me.”

“Everybody in this community has the ability to do what Auggie did,” said Mike Bennett, CEO of the American Red Cross’ San Antonio Area Chapter. “Once you have the tools, you get the confidence.”

“I couldn’t imagine how bad it would feel just standing there watching what was going on and not know what to do,” Arreguin said. “Luckily, I’ve learned.”

Being able to give CPR is a great skill and knowing it could help you save someone’s life. Here is a one-page instruction sheet on how to give hands-only CPR (PDF).

However, for victims of drowning like this one, and for children 1-8 years old, you’ll want to give “rescue breaths” or conventional CPR. To find a CPR class near you, the Red Cross lets you search for one by your zipcode.

Cable technician hailed as hero [San Antonio Express News via Cable Rant] (Thanks to Przemek!)

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