Next Up For Watson: Making Cold Callers Obsolete

Watson, the Jeopardy-dominating, medical knowledge-slurping IBM supercomputer, has turned its penetrating cyber-gaze toward the ins and outs of sales and customer support. Someday, Watson’s progeny may help you out with software installation and call you during dinner to talk you into applying for a credit card.

According to ExtremeTech, Watson can devour terabytes of data and function as a database filled with answers and savvy responses to all manner of questions concocted by silly, stumped humans. It helps that Watson has the ability to understand casual language.

Career call center workers can be thankful that Watson is cost-prohibitive for most businesses to enroll, with his services costing $32 million. That’s even more than A-Rod makes.

IBM Watson to replace salespeople and cold-calling telemarketers? [ExtremeTech via Slashdot]

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