Instead Of A Kitchen, Best Buy Leaves You With 3 Big Empty Spaces

Best Buy sent some real stumblebums to install Amy’s stove, dishwasher. and kitchen range. First, Best Buy sent the wrong kind of workers, then they sent the wrong dishwasher, and then the right guys showed up with the wrong tools. Now she’s going to have to end up waiting a total of five weeks to have all the appliances in her kitchen installed correctly. Kind of a crappy way to treat someone who just plunked down for three major appliances with you.

Amy writes:

After ordering 3 appliances a month ago – and having them delivered & in our garage for over a week; BestBuy sent the wrong people for our installation that was to occur 11-1 yesterday. Dudes arrived & said “Uh, we just pick up haul-aways. Another group installs new stuff. Bye.” When the real installers arrived at 5:30, we soon found that BestBuy didn’t send the right dishwasher. Oh, and we’re sorry for your inconvenience and OUR ERROR, valued customer – you’ll only have to wait another 2 weeks for the dishwasher you ordered a month ago.

The stove couldn’t be installed because it needs to be shimmed up 1.5″ & the installers didn’t have a materials to do that. The microwave wouldn’t work on the old brackets, which is ok, because the new one of course came with brackets. However, to install that, they would need to drill into tile & they didn’t have a masonry bit for the drill.

I now have 3 empty holes where appliances should be & a range in the middle of the kitchen floor.

You can be pretty sure that when it comes time for Amy to replace those appliances, she won’t be going back to Best Buy.

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