Angry Homeowners Dump Trash From Abandoned Home In Lobby Of Wrong Bank

A group of homeowners in San Jose, CA, are so fed-up with the messy conditions at a bank-owned, abandoned home that they picked up the garbage themselves — and took it straight to Wells Fargo in protest. Unfortunately, it looks like they dumped their troubles in the wrong lobby.

“We don’t need that garbage in our neighborhood… bringing down the value of our homes,” one homeowner tells CBS San Francisco outside the Wells Fargo branch that was the site of the protest. “So we brought it to them. It’s their garbage, they should take responsibility for it.”

The bank called the police on the protestors, who left the trash in the lobby on their way out. No one was arrested.

However, the homeowners’ anger appears to have been misdirected, as Wells Fargo tells CBS San Francisco that it only “serves as trustee and as such has no role in the foreclosure activities or maintenance of the property.”

You’ll never guess who is actually responsible for the run-down home: Bank of America, which confirmed to CBS that it does currently own the foreclosed property. BofA said it had been maintaining the property but acknowledged there was a problem in July.

Neighbors Make Trash Deposit At SJ Bank In Protest Of Blighted Foreclosure []

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