Philly Utility Goes The Distance So Your Car Doesn't Blow Up

Claude has a cool story about how Philadelphia Gas Works went the extra mile to make sure his girlfriend’s car wouldn’t explode after a gas leak started nearby.

Claude writes:

My girlfriend is out of the country for the month, and I was in charge of her car. This past Saturday, I left Philadelphia for California where I would be meeting with my girlfriend for a wedding and a short vacation. She had very limited internet access, and received two emails from a PGW employee asking her to move her car because of a gas leak where she was parked. What was remarkable about the emails is who they came from.

The first email was from a current tenant at her old apartment — PGW looked up her tags, called the old landlord, and then got the tenants information who then emailed my girlfriend. The second email came from the president of a small organization she volunteers for; the PGW employee had seen several flyers in the back seat of the car, and called that number as well.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to call them in time, and I assumed the car was towed and we would have to deal with it when we got back. I emailed the PGW employee to ask what to do, and he wrote back saying they were able to move some cars that were parked behind my girlfriend’s and they just pushed her car back. No car towing. No hassle, and an appreciated effort from our end!

Hey! Something in Philly works! Awesome! No, really, it’s pretty cool how they got all private detective and tried to track Claude’s girlfriend down. Of course most of it is that they didn’t want a four-wheeled box full of gasoline sitting around a possible gas leak, but they were also pretty cool by just pushing her car out of the way. Maybe there’s something magic in that melted Cheese Whiz after all, like a little squirt of kindness.

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