This Item Is 20% Off Only Online At Target: Not Available Online

Oh, Target. We hadn’t received any stories about your tenuous grip on reality in a while, an thought that perhaps things were getting better. Then you advertised an item as being simultaneously on ale online only, but also available only in stores. What?

Someone named Laura who is not me sent this reality gap in to Consumerist, writing:

I know you like crazy Target items. So here’s one. On page 23 of their online weekly ad, the bottom section says their line of DwellStudio is 20% off, but only online.


So, I clicked on the section to see what was available, and it told me the product was only available in stores. Uh…What?


So, I searched for DwellStudio, and I see that the items in question are actually available online, but it’s one of those crazy things that’s makes you wonder why they would make it so inconvenient for their customers to purchase something.

There’s actually a whole DwellStudio section on Target’s site, so this sounds like a sale flyer programming error. Or our favorite reality-challenged retailer back at work.

Target is Crazy

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