How To Get A Tax Refund From JetBlue

If you have a ticket with JetBlue for dates between July 25 and August 2nd, here’s how to get a refund on collected Federal taxes just by sending an email.

The official JetBlue “BlueTales” blog says to send an email, subject line “Expired Tax Refund Request,” to with your name and confirmation number.

If you booked your flight before July 23rd and your flight is after August 2nd, JetBlue is waiting for Federal guidance on what to do about your monies. Hold tight and check out their blog later.

The refund will probably be about twenty-five bucks, which means more cash for renting your pillow, blanket, buying a meal, purchasing a movie, paying for the extra piece of luggage, and renting the slice of oxygen that used to be included in your ticket price.

It would be nice to see the other airlines, who have been opting to raise fares to swallow the savings from the FAA tax authority expiring, follow suit.

Information Regarding Federal Tax Changes [blog.jetblue]

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