Thieves Decide They Want Zipcars' Wheels Right Now

Looks like some thieves took Zipcar’s slogan, “Wheels when you want them,” too literally.

Over on Universal Hub they’ve posted some pictures a Boston-area photographer captured of the aftermath of some poor Zipcars stationed next to a liquor stop that had fallen prey to wheel thieves.

I wonder if the Honda Insights being Zipcars makes them a more attractive target. Do the thieves think that no one is as likely to come by? Or that if they do, they won’t care as much because the cars aren’t theirs?

It may be less of those and more of the fact that Honda parts are among the most stolen in the US. This is because the parts have a high resell value and there is a high demand for them because of how popular Hondas are.

Either way, Zipcar is insured up the yin yang against this type of stuff and these two cars should be up and running in no time. But if you usually reserve your Zipcar from the liquor store across from the T stop in Forest Hills, might not want to reserve any Honda Insights for a bit.

Ziplesscars at Forest Hills [Universal Hub] (Thanks to RandomHookup!)

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