3 Medical Tests Men Need To Take

It’s tough to psych yourself up for medical exams, but lugging your body into the doctor’s office for preventative maintenance is more effective than shunning professional medicine in hopes that you’re healthy.

CBS Houston rounds up several tests men should take despite their fear and stubbornness.

Included in the post:

*Cholesterol. Once you hit 35, it’s important to take this test regularly to make sure you’re not at risk for heart disease. Those who are obese or have a family history of high cholesterol may need to start checking their levels at age 20.

*Blood pressure. Get checked every two years. If your blood pressure is high, your odds of suffering strokes and kidney disease rise. Medication can control the problem.

*Colorectal cancer. You should start these at age 50 at the latest, but if you’ve got a family history of the disease you may need to do so earlier. The frequency you’ll need the tests depends on the type you and your doctor choose.

How often do you go in for checkups, and what motivates you to go?

10 Medical Tests Men Need [CBS Houston]
(Thanks, Stephen!)

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