Warby Parker Replaces My Broken Glasses For Zero Dollars

For those of you of the four-eyed persuasion, you may have heard of Internet eyewear company Warby Parker. Not only do they supply stylish glasses for $95 a pop, complete with prescription lenses, but they also give out a pair to someone in need for each they sell. And to top it all off, it seems they’re a business with happy customers. Refreshing to hear, isn’t it?

Pete wrote to tell Consumerist about a pleasing experience he had recently with WP when he broke his specs. While they do have a few showrooms across the country, the company seems to more about offering Internet customers an “at-home” try-on deal, where you can have a few pairs sent to you to try on, free of charge.

I purchased a pair of glasses from w.p. about 3 months ago. After an unfortunate incident at a show in Boston (Future Islands, Titus Andronicus, Okkervil River) I was left with a pair of glasses sans 1 ear piece. They were unwearable – but the lenses appeared to be in fine condition. I gave W.P. a call about having the lenses swapped to a new frame (I paid for the frame) – they said “Sure, send them in and we’ll get it done” They immediately sent me a pre-paid UPS label and the broken glasses were on their way.

A few days later I got a call from W.P. and they said they couldn’t swap the lenses to the new frame due to slight variations in each frame. They apologized and said they would make me up a brand new set of lenses free of charge (normally $45) and would ship them next day air. I received the glasses that same week.

It’s nice to see a new business treating their customers well – a sure sign of future success in my book.

You go, Warby Parker! We won’t even make the joke about your blatant appeal to hipsters, just because we like you so much right now.

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