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Where Can I Get A Contact Lens Exam Online?

People who wear contact lenses face the same ritual, annually or however long they can stretch it out: They have to visit their optometrist or ophthalmologist to have their vision checked and their eyes examined before they can buy more lenses. A few startups are out to change this routine by giving users an eye exam on their computer or smartphone. But is that legal? It depends on where you live. [More]


Warby Parker Is Sorry About Your Stolen Car, Buys You A Beer

When you have a bad day and make a comment about to someone at the store, you probably don’t expect anyone to do anything other than nod their head and feign sympathy. But one Warby Parker customer says her visit to the eyewear store resulted in a little more than a “there there.” [More]

Warby Parker Replaces My Broken Glasses For Zero Dollars

Warby Parker Replaces My Broken Glasses For Zero Dollars

For those of you of the four-eyed persuasion, you may have heard of Internet eyewear company Warby Parker. Not only do they supply stylish glasses for $95 a pop, complete with prescription lenses, but they also give out a pair to someone in need for each they sell. And to top it all off, it seems they’re a business with happy customers. Refreshing to hear, isn’t it? [More]