SouperSalad Store Shuts Down After Blade Found In Salad

Waiter, there’s a blade in my salad. Albuquerque health inspectors slapped a red dot of shame on a SouperSalad restaurant after they followed up complaints from a diner who said he found blades in his greens.

KOAT reports that when the inspectors visited the restaurant, they saw that the manager had removed a carrot cutter with several broken blades. There were other infractions as well, like dented cans in the dry storage area, improper hand washing techniques, and the refrigeration device not being cold enough.

Within a few weeks of the inspection, the restaurant was shut down and “For Rent” signs were up in the windows.

See, filing a complaint with your health department can get real results.

In an unrelated aside, another nearby SouperSalad location also made the news recently when a man was arrested after he was found hiding in the bathroom ceiling.

Blades In Salad Lead To Red Sticker, Inspectors Say [KOAT] (Thanks to Harper!)

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