Philly To Warn Those Who Text And Walk

Don’t text and walk at the same time without looking ahead in Philadelphia. The city is giving out warnings to pedestrians who walk down the street with their heads down while tapping into their phones at the same time.

The concern is that people who text and walk without looking ahead can create dangerous situations for themselves and others. They can bump into people or cross the street at the wrong time and turn into a grease spot on the asphalt that’s expensive for the city to clean up.

Because it wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, the city is using grant money to cover the cost of increased enforcement.

Would you like to see this kind of enforcement in your town?

Philadelphia Police Poised To Crack Down On Bicycle, Pedestrian Violations [CBS Local]

An earlier version of this post based on the previous version of the story on CBS Local said that the city would ticket people who walk and text at the same time. Rather, the city is only going to give out warnings.

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