Grocery Store Lures Customers To Spend More With Scent Machines

How many times have you been hungry, gone shopping and ended up with three packages of donut holes you really didn’t need? A grocery store in Brooklyn, N.Y. is taking advantage of grumbly tummies with scent marketing, as way to get consumers to spend more at the store.

CBS News reports on the technique employed by local chain Net Cost. The store has installed five scent machines, made by ScentAir, which constantly send out wafts of fresh-baked bread, delicious milk chocolate or refreshing grapefruit, depending on the section they’re nearest to.

The store’s merchandise coordinator, Angelina Khristichenko, says she installed the machines two months ago after hearing about them overseas.

“I think because of these machines it makes customers hungrier,” she said.

According to the report, sales in the produce department have already gone up seven percent. At $99/month to run each machine, that’s not too shabby.

Do you think something like this would entice you to buy more at the store?

N.Y. grocery store turns to scent marketing [CBS News]

Thanks to Harper for the tip!

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