Chihuahua Emasculates Armed Robbers

When you’re evaluating which pooch is worth the most bounce per ounce, consider the mighty chihuahua. Often itself the brunt of humiliation by being tied up in pink ribbons and carried around in tiny backpacks by humans who consider it fashionable, the chihuahua is actually a fierce and loyal companion capable of fending off attackers many times its size. Witness the ferocity and devotion of the chihuahua in this video showing one running off two masked thieves robbing a smoke shop. They may have a shotgun but he’s got moxie!

The LA Times notes that while the robbers do run off with the bag of money, because of the dog’s “ferocious barking,” they end up “taking less money than they could’ve gotten.”

Pound for pound, is the chihuahua the most cost-effective guard dog ever?

Chihuahua thwarts robbery at Altadena smoke shop [LA Times]

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