Guy Arrested For Saggy Pants Plans To Sue US Airways

Yesterday, all charges were dropped against a University of New Mexico football player who was thrown off a plane and arrested by a US Airways pilot last month for wearing pj’s that sagged off his posterior. Today his attorney says that Deshon plans on suing US Airways over how he was treated.

Deshon’s attorney said his client had faced “a great deal of adversity” and public humiliation over his ordeal, and that US Airway has yet to either apologize or give a refund for the $500 flight he missed.

The football player had been told by a crew member to pull up his pants but his hands were full and he said he would do so when he got to his seat, according to his attorney. Police say that after Deshon reached his seat, he argued with the pilot for 10 minutes, and he allegedly got physical with police officers when they arrived. Deshon was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing.

A US Airways spokesman told the San Francisco Examiner, “The crew acted professionally in dealing with this important situation,” and hoped that the court’s decision “helps Mr. Marman and his family move past this incident.” They offered the boy’s mother a free flight in order to visit her son during the court proceedings, but she turned it down, offended that the airline had not apologized.

Outraged supporters of Deshon held a protest on City Hall steps the day before the judgment. “You say you want the pants pulled up,” said Rev. Amos Brown from the podium. “We say, pull up justice in America.”

Saggy-pants San Francisco athlete plans to sue US Airways [The Examiner] (Thanks to Harper!)

US Airways Pilot Arrests Passenger For Having Baggy Pants

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