Ignoring Police Protests, Philly Tickets Good Samaritan

No good deed goes unpunished.

George, 45, was looking for a parking spot in Philadelphia when he saw a car strike an older woman. He immediately pulled over to the truck-loading zone, popped on his blinkers, and ran over to help, reports The Inquirer. George calmed the victim and the shaken driver and helped direct traffic until the police and EMT arrived.

As the medics lifted the woman into the ambulance, he noticed a parking enforcement officer writing him a ticket. He had parked in a no-parking spot, and despite the intervention of an officer on the scene, several clerks and supervisors refused to waive the ticket until a reporter for the local paper called and started asking questions.

Good Samaritan ticketed, dissed by PPA’s agents of contempt [The Inquirer] (Thanks to Justin!)

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