These Kroger "Build Your Own Sixpack" Signs Are In Conflict

Karl was surprised when he saw this printed-out sign on the beer case at his local Kroger. It informed him that it was “unlawful” for the store to sell singles or six-packs where you get a six-pack box and fill it with a variety of beers of your choosing. He was surprised because just a few away were several shelves of beers underneath a giant sign that loudly advertised “Mix a Six, $8.99, Pick your style!”

mixthatsix.jpgThe explanation provided by reader Karl. “Apparently Kroger has decided custom six packs are so awesome that they warrant civil disobedience.”

Stay strong, mix a sixers.

Either that, or, more likely, is that it’s cool to “mix a six” the bottles under the big sign, but not to unbundle the cans from their plastic rings and use them in building a mix a six pack. Probably justing using the words “bottles” and “cans” at some point in the signs could help clear up the confusion.