This Travelodge Ashtray Sends Out A Mixed Message

While the FDA has decided to go for the ick-factor in trying to curb smoking, the folks at Travelodge are combating in-room tobacco use in an interesting way… with ashtrays.

Consumerist reader Suzie spotted this curious sight during a recent stay at a Travelodge and snapped a photo using the Consumerist Tipster iPhone app. On the bottom of the ashtray it reads “Thank you for not smoking,” on the bottom. while a sign on the table spells out the $150 fee for cleaning up a smoked-in room.

That’s all well and good, but as Suzie points out, “What if the hotel guest doesn’t speak English?” Or what if their vision is impaired to the point where they can’t make out the text on the underside of the ashtray?

We asked a rep for the Wyndham Hotel Group, Travelodge’s parent company, these questions but the only response we received was that each hotel is independently owned and operated so they couldn’t really explain.

We were remiss in asking if it’s pronounced “Travel odge” or “Trave lodge”?

Regardless, the Travelodge ashtray is probably more effective than what they attempted at the MGM Grand in Vegas, where management tried and quickly failed to charge customers $20/night to stay in non-smoking rooms.

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