Woman Calls 911 Because Her Chinese Food Order Was Wrong

Savannah police have released the recording of a call a woman made to report that she got the wrong food in her Chinese food delivery. They published the call as a reminder to the public that it’s a misdemeanor to call 911 unless there’s an actual emergency. Here is a transcript and the audio of the call:

911: Metro area 911, what’s your emergency?

WOMAN: Yeah I need to for to send to [address] this is Hong Kong Chinese restaurant to go. I ordered food, and they gonna give me the wrong food. I bring this inside, they gonna tell me nah ain’t me they ain’t gonna give my money they gonna have to give me my money uh uhhh I need somebody… [indecipherable]

[Address and contact info given]

911: Alright, I’ll send someone to talk to you.

WOMAN: Y’all what, y’all need to stop talking like that because I don’t like that [indecipherable] you don’t talk like that in front of me because then I’m gonna get angry.

911: I’m going to send someone over there to talk to you.

WOMAN: Alright, thank you.

911: Alright, bye-bye.

WOMAN: Y’all make me angry…

If you can’t resolve your customer service issue with the store’s manager, the BBB is usually a better place to file your complaint than 911.

Woman calls 911 about wrong food order [WMBF] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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