Bank Of America Tops List Of Companies With Craptastic Customer Service

Bank of America may have lost this year’s Worst Company In America tournament by the narrowest of margins, but the results of a new customer service satisfaction survey put BofA at the head of the class when it comes to irking consumers.

According to the fifth annual MSN Money/Zogby customer service poll, Bank of America received a rating of “poor” from 41.4% of respondents — a huge 6.8% increase over last year — easily winning (or losing, if you’re a BofA employee) the number one spot in this year’s Hall of Shame.

A rep for BofA tells MSN that there is “a renewed focus by the bank to be more customer-centric… If we do right by our customers, they’ll reward us with more business.”

Are you done laughing yet? Okay… moving on.

The runner-up on the list may had us scratching our heads. Apparently some people still use AOL for dial-up internet access. And it looks like it’s no easier to cancel the service in 2011 as it was in 1999.

The rest of the list was dominated by the usual suspects: telecom/cable (Comcast, TWC, Sprint); banks (JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, Citi) and insurance companies (Progressive, Farmers).

Here is the entire list, in descending order:
10: Farmers Insurance
‘Poor’ rating: 29.1%

9: JPMorgan Chase
‘Poor’ rating: 29.3%

8: Progressive
‘Poor’ rating: 30.2%

7: Citigroup
‘Poor’ rating: 31.1%

6: Comcast
‘Poor’ rating: 31.5%

5: Time Warner
‘Poor’ rating: 33.5%

4: Sprint
‘Poor’ rating: 36.1%

3: Capital One
‘Poor’ rating: 36.3%

2: AOL
‘Poor’ rating: 38.3%

1: Bank of America
‘Poor’ rating: 41.4%

MSN also has a Hall of Fame for companies with positive customer service ratings if you want to read something cheerier.

2011 Customer Service Hall of Shame [MSN Money]

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