Congratulations BP: You’re The Worst Company In America!


On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore oil rig leased by BP to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, caught fire following an explosion. The disaster left 11 men dead and spilled millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf. For the cost-cutting efforts that ultimately led to this catastrophe — along with others in Texas and Alaska that have killed more than a dozen more employees, injured hundreds and leaked toxic chemicals into the air and water — thousands of Consumerist voters have selected BP as the Worst Company In America.

With less than 51% of the vote, BP’s margin of victory over Bank of America was the slimmest of any Worst Company championship death match in the tournament’s six-year history. Thus, to honor BofA’s utter crappiness, we will be handing out our first-ever Silver Poo. It will go nicely in the bank’s trophy cabinet alongside the Golden Poo it inherited when it bought previously WCIA champ Countrywide.

All that remains is for us to pack up the poos and ship them off to their respective recipients. If we can find an address for his new digs in Siberia, maybe we’ll even mail one off to former BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and we’ll see you — and a lot of the same companies — again next year!

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