"EDGE Performance Chips" Are Stickers Purporting To Heal Pain

Okay, now they’re just messing with us. You’ve seen the Q-ray “chi-balancing bracelet” and the PowerBalance bands, now here are “EDGE Performance Chips.” These are little silver stickers that say they help relieve your pain and enhance your athletic performance.

How does it work? They say “multiplayer programming technology positively effects the energy meridians promoting energy flow.” That’s right, “simply place the chip on the area experiencing discomfort.” Still in pain? “Apply more than one chip for maximum relief.”

On the product’s info page they say that the stickers “adhesively binds sound vibrations…for the purpose of influencing the human vitality field.” Then there’s a bunch of talk about Chinese medicine and they draw parallels between this product and acupuncture and tai chi. Their online FAQ offers more hilarity as well. There’s also a version that targets golfers and features a very tan man, and several people who are light on the details when it comes to describing how the stickers work. But what they lack in concreteness they more than make up for in enthusiasm:And one for fishers:It’s amazing how infomercial makers can take a wisp of something some people find credible, weave it into their product, and create a whole new franchise out of it, yours for only $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

(Thanks to Justin!)

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