Report: Woman Served Meal Only A Vampire Could Love

According to a news report in Houston, a woman stopped eating halfway through her meal at Cracker Barrel when she noticed what she believed to be human blood on her food. She suspects an injured worker at the restaurant left bloody fingerprints on her grub and is asking the restaurant to have the worker in question take a blood test.

KTRK Houston received an official statement from Cracker Barrel:

“Cracker Barrel Old Country Store was very concerned about this incident and investigated to the fullest extent possible. We regret that the guest’s desire to have the grill cook who prepared her meal tested could not be fulfilled. A company by law cannot compel such testing. We understand that the guest believes such testing would mean she wouldn’t have to go through testing herself, but that’s actually not the case. For complete assurance, the guest needs to work with her doctor for medical guidance. In such cases, Cracker Barrel always agrees to consider and evaluate reimbursement of medical bills. We, of course, would do the same in this case.

“Again, Cracker Barrel was very concerned about this incident and regrets the distress it has caused. Please know that we have systems and processes in place to ensure that all quality standards are met. Food safety is one critical component of those standards. We strive everyday to ensure that all food served at our restaurants is of the highest quality and safe to eat. On the rare occasions when there is any question, we investigate and take appropriate action.”

The county Health Department confirmed the incident and gave the restaurant’s managers a “firm warning.”

Woman served bloody meal at Kingwood restaurant [KTRK Houston]
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