Drunk Passenger Uses Jet Aisle As His Own Private Urinal

Somewhere around six hours into a recent 11-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore, an intoxicated passenger apparently decided that he didn’t feel like making the trek to the plane’s lavatory. Instead, the man voided his bladder in the middle of the aisle.

“I hear this sound of running water and then I hear a guy going ‘No, no, no, what the hell is wrong with you?'” one passenger tells the New Zealand Herald about the incident. “And there’s this guy pissing in the aisle, waving back and forth.”

The man’s aim wasn’t exactly on target as his urine sprayed onto the leg of one fellow passenger and the scarf of another.

While here in the U.S., his plane would have probably received an Air Force escort to the nearest airport, the plane continued on its path. In fact, no police met the man at the airport and the dribbling drunk was only given a warning for his bad behavior.

While the cabin crew moved the man whose leg had been sprayed to another seat, one passenger near the scene of the crime wasn’t happy about having to sit next to a puddle o’ pee-pee for the remainder of his flight.

“We were sitting next to a pool of urine for a good five and a half hours,” he tells the Herald, describing the response of the Jetstar Airlines crew as “slack.”

Australia-based Jetstar confirmed to the Herald that “there was an inebriated passenger who engaged in inappropriate and disruptive behaviour… We issued our final warning … if you don’t behave after the warning, then it becomes a matter for federal police.”

The airline says it is reaching out to affected passengers and says they will likely get a NZ$200 (about $162) voucher and an apology letter.

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