Dodgers Escalate Struggle With Major League Baseball With Bankruptcy Filing

Major League Baseball seized control of the Dodgers in April and blocked a proposed TV contract with Fox, and now the team has filed for bankruptcy in what seems to be the owner’s last-ditch effort to keep the franchise from slipping away.

The AP reports the team, mired in debt caused by deferred salaries and slumping attendance, is seeking Chapter 11 protection.

The story says Major League Baseball could try to contest the bankruptcy, or exercise a rule in its constitution that allows the league to take control of a franchise that goes into Chapter 11. The bankruptcy court could sort the mess out, potentially allowing the owner to get the team’s financial house in order, or just let MLB take care of it.

If you’re a sports fan, how does a team’s financial troubles affect your loyalty?

Dodgers file for bankruptcy [AP via Sports Illustrated]

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