TCF Bank Figures Out How To Close $.05 Account

After reader DFCL’s story about how TCF Bank wouldn’t close his checking account with $.05 left in it, preferring to charge $149 in fees instead, went up on Consumerist, something good happened.

They silently reversed all the fees! Then DFCL spoke with a customer service rep and they figured out a creative way to finally get his account shut down. DFCL writes:

The fees on my account were silently reversed. Thank you Consumerist!

The account was not closed, however. I called TCF customer service to try to close the account and was first told it could not be done over the phone. More fees were impending.

I explained I was hours from a TCF branch visiting with my mother who was just diagnosed with a horrible cancer. The call center employee at first told me the account could not be closed over the phone. I pleaded and he came up with something he “never though of before.”

His idea was to transfer the nickel out of my checking account and into my savings account. At this point he could close the checking account over the phone. The savings account could not be closed in the same way but when the monthly fees roll around savings accounts will not drop below $0!

I told the representative I would part with my nickel to close my checking account and avoid more fees. There was a catch-: it takes two days for the account closure to process and I was calling two days before the monthly fees would be assessed. The plan was for me to check my account status two days later and call back if the account was not closed in time.

It was tough but together we were able to crack this nut.

Thanks again Ben.

Best regards,



TCF Bank Won’t Close $.05 Account, Prefers To Charge $149 In Fees

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