Martha Stewart Tables Are Still Exploding Glass In Your Face

FOX31 reports a family in Colorado was just chilling on the porch during a barbecue when all of a sudden their Martha Stewart glass table exploded, sending shards of tempered glass flying all over the place. The son and his girlfriend bled from cuts and lacerations after they were hit by the glass. This is a line of tables that have racked up similar exploding glass complaints for years and though they are not being sold any more, there are some still out there in people’s homes, ticking glass bombs waiting to go off.

In 2005, a class action lawsuit was filed accusing Martha Stewart Living of making defective tables. The CPSC investigated the tables back in 2006 and asked Martha Stewart Living to redesign them so they weren’t so shattery.

The problem with the Martha Stewart tables seems to be that the tempered glass table has jagged, rather than smooth, edges, and these grind against the metal frame and weaken the top of the table itself, so that when an impact occurs, it explodes rather than implodes.

If you still have one of these tables, you should probably get rid of it.

Reached for comment, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia told Fox31 that it was the retailer, Kmart, whose responsibility it was to fix the problem.

Arvada woman says Martha Stewart table exploded for no reason [FOX31] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

Martha Stewart Dodges Questions On-Camera About Exploding Glass Tables

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