Target Customer Uses Baseball Bat To Demonstrate Her Displeasure With Store's Return Policy

There are so many ways to express one’s outrage with a retail store’s policies. You can complain to the company, start a grassroots campaign, write to Consumerist, or just take your business elsewhere. But for one displeased Target shopper in Pennsylvania, the answer was clear: baseball bat.

More precisely, baseball bat and store window.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

According to McCandless Police Chief Gary Anderson, a female customer, incensed over Target’s return policy, armed herself with a baseball bat and smashed in the store’s windows before security guards managed to subdue her.

Police arrived soon after and transported the woman to a holding cell, where she awaits the filing of formal charges.

Police say the woman will most likely be facing charges of criminal mischief at the very least.

Unhappy returns: Woman targets Target with baseball bat []

Thanks to Greg for the tip!

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