How To Break The eFax Cancellation Cycle Of Stupidity

Scott wanted to cancel his service with eFax. Simple enough. The site told him that this must be done via webchat. But the chat doesn’t work, so he called them on the phone. The phone line told him that he needs to try the web site. And so on…

If you get an account with eFAX, try to cancel it: the website will tell you that you must chat with a representative. But Chat doesn’t work.

So then you call the number (323) 817-3205. The automated service asks if you would like to cancel, press 1. Press 1, and the automated teller says “For your convenience, cancel your account on our website at” LOL.

I finally broke the cycle by waiting for a while, and eventually a person comes on the line.

We’re delighted to hear that he was able to break free.

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