Apple Slaps Open Source Start-Up With Cease & Desist Over "App Store"

Apple’s untiring defense of its application to trademark the phrase “App Store” continues. But this time, the Cupertino Crew isn’t squabbling with Microsoft or suing Amazon. No, Apple is going after a small start-up software company you may have never heard about.

Amahi is an Open Source piece of software that turns a home PC into a central server for streaming video, music and whatnot. It’s also the latest recipient of a cease and desist letter from Apple.

The iPhone creators take issue with Amahi’s use of the phrase “App Store” for the area of the Amahi site that lets users customize and extend the software’s capabilities. Even though it has nothing to do with the mobile market, Apple believes that it will confuse consumers into thinking Apple is somehow associated.

“Amahi being literally nothing next to Apple (sigh) we do not have the resources to fight this battle,” the company writes on its official blog.

So rather than waste time, energy and money fighting Apple, Amahi has decided to hold a Name the Store Contest, asking people to come up with something that won’t put a trademark infringement target on its back.

Meanwhile, Amazon continues to call its mobile application store “appstore,” and has pointed to Steve Jobs’ own words in their defense.

Apple hits Amahi with a cease and desist — Wait. What?!? [Amahi Blog via]

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