DirecTV Says It's Filling Hotels With Germ-Resistant Remotes

Stuff in hotel rooms isn’t known for being particularly sanitary, and remote controls everywhere are known to be disgusting germ repositories, but DirecTV is out to stock hotel rooms with clean, anti-microbial remotes.

A Hollywood Reporter story says the company aims to sell hotels on its new initiative, dubbed the Residential Experience for Hotels service, in which it plans to equip rooms with more than 100 HD channels, as well as those supposedly sanitary remotes.

Says a DirecTV executive:

“With approximately 20 percent of hotels currently offering HD service to their guests, we expect this new service to significantly expand the HD offering in this market with the added benefit of a sanitized remote.”

What technique do you use to clean your own remotes?

DirecTV to Release Germ-Free Remote in Hotels This Summer [The Hollywood Reporter via Engadget]

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