Sega Announces 1.3 Million Users' Info Stolen In Database Breach

Sony PlayStation and Nintendo have more company in the hacker gaming attack club, as Sega announced on Sunday that 1.3 million customers have had their info stolen from its database.

Although credit card numbers are said to have been safe, names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and passwords of users of Sega Pass online network members was compromised, reports Reuters. Sega Pass is now shut down.

“We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers. We want to work on strengthening security,” said Yoko Nagasawa, a Sega spokeswoman. Users were notified on Thursday after the breach as first discovered.

Sony Corp had a bit more of a problem, as it has been the victim of two hack attacks, affecting the info of more than 100 million customers overall.

Sega says 1.3 million users affected by cyber attack [Reuters]

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